Modern email verification and list cleaning

HelloList removes bad emails from your list to keep your email reputation spotless so all your real emails reach inboxes

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Access the same data and tools used by some of the brightest companies
American Airlines

Improve your email inbox rate by 26%

21% of emails go bad over a year.
Sending emails to those addresses destroys your email reputation,
which keeps your real emails from reaching inboxes.

Use HelloList to scrub your list, and have each of your emails reach a real person.


We do 32 checks per
email to find bad ones

We do everything from looking in our database for known spam traps, analyzing the email's associated website, utilizing specialized email protocols, and up to over 29 other proprietary checks.

The latest generation HelloList platform has been rebuilt from the ground up with the latest technologies to focus on efficiency. That's how we can offer our services at a fraction of anyone else.

How to use HelloList to remove bad emails

  1. 1

    Upload your email list

    Easy to use drag-and-drop interface makes uploads lightning fast.

  2. 2

    Click "Clean List"

    One click kicks off dozens of checks per email in parallel, completing the entire process in seconds or minutes.

  3. 3

    Download your cleaned list

    Your CSV file is cleaned and now includes new columns of HelloList Email Data, importable to any platform.

  4. 4

    Deliver over 99.95% of your emails, Guaranteed

    Yup, we are that confident. Let us know if your delivery results made you unhappy, we will change that!


Simple, unbeatable pricing. Easily calculate costs for any email list size.

$3.0010000 emails at $0.003 per email
  • Processed in Seconds or Minutes
  • Import CSV or Text Data
  • Add HelloList Data to any CSV file
  • Free Dedupliction
  • Credits Never Expire
  • 99.95% Delivery Guaranteed
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Number of EmailsPrice per Email
up to 10,000$0.003
up to 250,000$0.0016
up to 3,000,000$0.0005
up to 10,000,000$0.0004
over 10,000,000Contact Us

Scrub your email list
and reach everyone

Clean Email List

Clean your first list in under 30 seconds


Common and frequent questions

How fast is list cleaning?

Seconds to minutes.

Thanks to our latest generation platform and infrastructure, we are able to do dozens of checks per second per email at a planetary scale.

Whether the list is 100 or 100,000,000, we have the technology and limitless infrastructure to process practically each entry in parallel and simultaneously.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We use better-than-bank security protocols and technologies.

All data on disk, including your email lists, are encrypted with 256-bit Rijndael encryption with secure keys. All identifiers are 128-bit numbers which are impossible to reverse engineer or collide. All communication and transfers are done over a secure 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encrypted connection.

What other costs are there?


The only charge is after you click "clean list", which will first confirm the amount and your acceptance. Everything else you do in the platform is free.