Build a List That Goes Viral

We incentivize users on an email list to refer others to sign up, all in under 30 seconds.

Let us show you how

Sign up for the example on the right, powered by Hello List.

You're then presented with the ability to move up the list by referring others.

Now people on the list get others to sign up, creating the viral loop.

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Crazy easy to setup in seconds

Just requires a tiny bit of HTML. You just add:

  • An HTML form with a specific action
    • That form to have an input of "email"
  • That page to have a Javascript embed

That's it. As simple as copy and paste.

<form action=''>
 <input name='email' type='email'>
 <input type='submit'>
<script src=''></script>

Built to make you succeed

We're here to make you go viral, and we're here to make it easy.

Export to anything

Build the list in Hello List, then export it as a CSV to be imported anywhere else, including MailChimp,, and tons more.

Use anywhere with HTML

No special software or skills needed to use a Hello List list. Anywhere you can copy and paste HTML, you can have a viral sign up list.

Running in seconds

Completely painless and fast to start. No configurations to setup, nothing to install. Get started as fast as you can copy and paste.

Powerful by design

Hello List was carefully built from the ground up. Everything from the admin dashboard to the popup on mobile was built with intention.

We focus on giving you quality tools, and continue to evolve them to help you succeed.

We spend all day on this, every day

So you don't have to. We fight fraud, a/b test everything, analyze virality coefficients, study social psychology, and tons more.

We focus on making lists as viral and successful as possible, as if it was our only job. That's because it is.

Simple Pricing

Price per list. Create as many or few as you need.

Tiny List

  • All Features
  • Supports 100 Entries

Plus List

Most Popular
  • All Features
  • Supports 1,000 Entries

Pro List

  • All Features
  • Supports 10,000 Entries